Online Background Screening Services

Background Checks are All About Eliminating Risk for Property Managers and Employers

Background searches tell employers about information that they can normally not obtain directly from their applicants.

Many applicants are not completely honest about ugly items from their past background history,

Many job applications and renters are perplexed by the daunting process of going through an online background check to uncover their complete past with no stone unturned. The mission is to finding quality rental applicants and dependable employees.  This covers all arrests, imprisonment, and criminal records all the way down petty infractions like speeding tickets.  The reporting obtained by professional investigative services (such as rental screening companies) also involves exhaustive searches for a very broad range of items to identify the reliabilty of the applicant.  This inludes a 50 state search of national records to identify any and all court judgments, evictions, foreclosures, state and Federal (IRS) tax liens, and even credit history from one of the 3 major credit reporting agencies.

Employment screening has now become a vital part of the job application process.

Employers order background checks on potential employees to mitigate risk and to eliminate applicants with criminal history,

Despite that employers and property owners ask their potential renters and workers to provide this information in the form of a lease or job application, many are evasive about their past, and will in some cases, do just about anything to cover up their past because the stakes are too high if it is discovered that they have some massive red flag such as a criminal felony or being identified as a child pedophile.

The analysis that takes place on each prospective potential tenant or pre-employment background check involves determining if that individual has a past history that would statistically indicate whether there may be future isses or problems that would render this person as non-qualified.  Credit history is often considered in a tenant screening, especially in the case of rental applicants because this provides yet another diminsion to analyze.  A person who has a very poor credit history is usually someone that is a poor manager of their own personal financial affairs.  They are also unrealiable and undependable for making timely rental payments.